If I ever leave this world alive by Flogging Molly

why do I love this song and the energy of this band

I love music and I love lyrics. When truly listened to songs speak to me, both the words and the sounds. Thank you #floggingmolly for giving us this song.

Simply put this song reminds me of my responsibilities in life, the world, my community and my family & friends. How do I make sure that I Leave This World Alive and what does it mean to me? — It is not necessarily physically leaving the world, (but maybe it is) , however to me it is moving on from anything. I want to make sure that I leave a positive lasting impact. It is easier than you think.

At the end my biggest reward to to pass on my positive and productive habits to others.

Be an example. We all should be an example.

Act as you want to be treated, randomly help others to keep their world alive.

Pass on your morals through your actions and not through your power.

What can you do today to make someone smile? Make it random, make it easy, do it again tomorrow and the next day. There will be two results – first it will become habit forming and natural to you. And second, and very likely others will pass on the smile.

Let’s all leave this world alive.

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