Who do you think we are

I was recently asked, “ who do your clients think you are (And who Axis is)?”

Big pause……. big elevator speech ……

I am a solution provider. A person who helps tell a story. The story is told by proper messaging tied into a memorable experience most often (almost always) associated with a tangible take away. I solve problems.

To me that says so much… and is also very concise.
This theme has been absorbed into my every day life. As a dad, partner, friend and community member, I feel it is so critical to have an intention and tell a story with my actions—regardless  of work or play. (It is a work in progress.) Tell a story, make it relatable, make it memorable and make it impactful. Professionally, I make it live  in a tangible take away so others can help tell your story.

Let’s tell stories together

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