I was never a theater kid but wish I was!

I recently read this article 7 Life Skills Every Theater Kid Will Learn and was hooked, these stand true not only for a Theater Kid, but for so many other kids (and adults) stepping out of their normal comfort zone.  

1. Self­-Confidence 

2. Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

3. A Broad Human Perspective

4. Follow Through

5. Teamwork

6. The ability to work under pressure.

7. Sheer Enjoyment

I immediately asked myself: “Which of these 7 could you live without?”   None, of course, at least for me. I need all these skills all the time. The problem is that I do not know in what order I will need them or when I will need to deploy which one.  As adults we do not have as many opportunities to continue to develop these skills. We do have the foundation of these skills and we do have the daily opportunity to re-connect to them and enhance them.  The critical question is when and how. Which ones do you struggle with (try something new and reconnect to those first)

Which of the 7 are the most important to you?  I would love to hear why?

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