Be ready for the worst case scenario – because it is not happening

I want to start by saying this is not a pessimistic cup half empty post. It is a topic that has helped to keep me positive and grounded through many stressful situations

People say – “If it can go wrong it will” I am not so sure that is true. It might go wrong, it also might not. More likely it might not. The IT can be and is almost anything.

Let’s pretend it does, will you panic? Likely not if you take a few simple steps:

If it goes wrong what will I do? What are the steps and actions to get it back on track?

How will I communicate this to the people affected?

What is the worst case scenario if it does?

Once you have a plan you are ready to handle what most likely will not happen anyway.

With no plan there is panic, there is relationship breakdown (sometimes ones that can not be fixed). Who wants that?

So what initially sounds cup half empty is really a process to prepare your self to keep your cup more than half full.

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