Dreams and Dedication are a POWERFUL COMBINATION #orangeribbonsforjamie

giving credit where credit is due https://orangeribbonsforjaime.org/

What does this title mean to you and how will you make a difference in 2020. The difference can be made at home with your family, in the community you live in, at your job or of course in the community we all live in. I have always felt that passion and accountability were cornerstones of a successful life in all my communities until I heard the words above in a Ted Talk given by my friend Fred Guttenberg. Fred should never have had to given this talk, and I never should have had to hear the words above. But he did and I did. Fred’s daughter Jamie should never have been a victim in Parkland, Florida, she was.

I know Fred dreams that this never happened. It did. Now Fred Dreams differently. He is Dedicated to this not happening again to anyone. This is his POWERFUL COMBINATION, and we should thank him for it.

What is your POWERFUL COMBINATION? How are you expressing it. We all need to have one (even more than one). Where are you going to make a difference? Big, small, global or local it is up to each of us to do something. I struggle when I hear people say “well, there is nothing that can be done…” This is an attitude we can all do better at changing.

We all have the strength to change and to dream, the question is are you willing to have the dedication to do the work?

#orangeribbonsforjamie https://orangeribbonsforjaime.org/ https://orangeribbonsforjaime.org/donate/

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