The Practice of Yoga

I really like doing yoga, I’m not always as flexible in class or do I always have the best balance in class. – Other days it just clicks. On the days it clicks I feel great, but on the days I wobble I can get frustrated until I realize it is called the Practice of Yoga and not the Perfection of Yoga.

Take a moment to think about practice vs. perfection for a bit. I can reach my goals 100% of the time of practicing something. I am not sure that I can reach my goals of perfection 100% of the time .

Given the ultimate choice, I would rather practice working towards perfection, and keep practicing. If I expect to meet perfection, I think that I will find disappointment before perfection. Practicing will not end in dissapointment

If we accept that every day we are practicing to make each day better and we will collectively reach our goals.

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