Best Practice and Acceptance

We have all received hundreds of important email responses from our communities and business partners about how they are addressing the New Normal – they are all good (some better than others) . Are we at a point that we are reading them all? Are we deleting more than we are reading? From NetFlix, UBER, PayPal, Amazon, the local city you live in, your gym, virtual yoga classes almost any business or APP you have registered for. I love that the world is responding and I do not discount a single email. My message is simple and one we are trying to observe in my house:



Care for others






Listening (and hearing)



Unexpected challenges

Others fears and obstacles

Your own fears and challenges

We are all doing this together. It is a new reality for all of us a temporary New Normal, that is changing rapidly.  What we thought we could do (last week, yesterday, an hour ago) may not be the same in an hour.  We are doing everything we can to mitigate the challenges that are put on us all worldwide.

Keep up the good fight and please send me your ideas on positivity, we all need it!

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