Positivity in Isolation

While we are all figuring out the new normal, I thought I would share some positivity and ways that my clients and partners are staying positive through the day:


Your smiles are contiguous

Take a break from working and take a walk or workout. FaceTime with a friend or family member that you can’t see in person right now. Listen to music that gives off the same mood you want to be in. Look through old pictures during a happy time in your life. We’ll get through this!

Keep the windows open as much as possible – fresh air makes all the difference!

I’m healthy and employed! I’m home to cook dinner every night.
My kids are living a simpler /80s childhood…riding bikes, playing outside, sleeping in a fort they made. No scheduled activities is a breath of fresh air.

Create a new morning routine, I started a 30 day yoga challenge

No commute means extra time to learn something new! I decided to try learning embroidery!

Commute time is now home gym workout time!

Getting up each morning and doing a work out keeps me from going crazy! Makes me forget about what’s going on in the world just for an hour

No more getting up at 4am to hit my spin class. I can work out on my lunch break.

I get to spend time with my 15 1/2 year old Yellow Lab. Granted she’s sleeping most of the day, but comforting for us both that we can spend this time together. 🙂

Through my home office window, got to see a family of 4 deer hang out in my back yard woods ALL DAY. Experiencing some moments of the beauty of nature on a work day… priceless.

Adopting a puppy! You’ll never have time to be stressed about anything other than what he has in his mouth 🙂

Do at least 1 thing from your childhood per day – drawing with chalk.

Getting some extra zzz’s in and afternoon walks when it’s sunny with my daughter!

Trying to keep a schedule helps get through the day; make sure you take breaks and stretch so you aren’t sitting at home all day in front of your computer; find something to laugh about or smile about during the day to relieve stress

I lost 4-5 pounds because I eat more at home and control what I eat better! Yippee for me!

Our pets have never been happier!!

I’m not rushing home at the end of the day to get the kids fed and to bed. Our weekends are more relaxing without having to run around doing errands or going to swim lessons etc.

Families are spending time with each other, instead of going separate ways to events, gatherings, etc.

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