Are you giving back?

There are so many layers to this question, and after the year we had, I hope that your answer is “yes”.

“Are you giving back?” is a loaded question. I think we all are in some way, so the question is, are you intentionally giving back? Is it a way of life? How do we make it a way of life? If you intentionally give back every day it transforms from intentional to unintentional, habit forming, and becomes a part of you, often when that happens, we look for the next way to give back. No one is immune from this, the positive exponential growth from this practice just can not be measured.

The issue, is not what to give or how to give but to just give something. Lets make it simple; there are people who do not have what you have, regardless of who you are.

Talent, money, success, experience, family, shelter, material things, food, clothing, health, toys, time, compassion, strength etc.

I personally do not think that there is anyone who can not give something. Start with a random kind hello to someone (it used to be a random smile, but our smile is covered now)

My mission today is to make sure I give something to someone in need. My first action is sharing my words here in hopes that someone else shares too.

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