Time to Get Out (of yourself)! The power of mentor-ship

I learned a long time ago that I don’t know it all and never will. None of us do. I also learned that what I do know (actually what we all know) should be shared. What is the use of experience or knowledge if it is not shared.

I had an amazing experience about a year ago. I was part of an industry mentoring program run by #promokitchen. I was matched up with a mentee within the promo world who I would not have had contact with if it were not for the PK connection. What made it amazing is that it opened my eyes to their world, their way of thinking and their business challenges. Challenges that are different than mine and some that are the same. Wow did I learn a lot!

I joined the mentor program, and am involved with others, because I truly believe we should all give of ourselves. The very exciting and unexpected gift from all mentoring is what you get back. It goes way beyond what you think.

So, Happy Spring (almost) – do something new – Get Outside (of yourself)

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