Eugene and Doris

So, all of a sudden,  I have pet ducks. They just showed up one day,  so I fed them. The next day they came back in the morning, and so I fed them, then again at dinner, and I fed them. And I named them. I did not really think about the names, I just picked Eugene and Doris. 6 weeks later they are still showing up 3 times a day and when they see us, they (run) waddle to within a foot of us.

I do not know a lot about ducks beyond a 3rd grade program about how to tell a male from a female. Green head is male, a mallard. I also had no intention to have these new pets. But I do.

It really seems that they are in charge of this relationship and I am OK with it. They come when they want food or to hang out, and then they leave when they are done. I do get concerned when one shows up without the other. Actually, at this point, really concerned. We have become invested. I think they have too!!

I really have no idea where my relationship with Doris and Eugene is going, but I am enjoying the experience. I did not search for this, it just happened. It is amazing when you are open to new things and experiences, they just appear. I think we always need to keep our eyes wide open and be ready to embrace new things to see where they take us.

If you see them in my yard, say HI! They like most breads, plain and sesame bagels, bird seed, and corn flakes.

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