Problem Solving: REMOVE the blame and passion!

Most problems tend to cripple us, we can’t always accept the problem and instead we choose to point blame. We are frustrated with the issue and we want our pound of flesh before we want a resolution. We become passionate about “winning”. It then becomes an argument, and then escalates beyond the proportion of the problem! OH, and the problem is not fixed yet!! OH, and no one wants to find a solution because we become bullies regardless of who is to blame! Does not sound like a win! And you most likely don’t feel good.

I suggest we take a different path:

  1. Accept that mistakes happen, and there are many parties that can be at fault.
  2. Solve the problem with NO blame or passion – just simply solve it.
  3. Now we are calm.
  4. Figure out (calmly) what happened and how to avoid it in the future.
  5. Walk away with no stress, problem solved!

It is not always an easy process, but try it in all areas of your life, I bet you will see that it works

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