I am in my office today #halo at HALO in Burlington, MA, and there is an amazing thing going on. We have 9 or 10 people in today (first time in maybe 30 months) and I can’t get anything done! However this is not just a good thing but a great thing! People are interacting, laughing and collaborating. It is like 2019 all over again and wow do we need this.

I miss you and your face! All of you! Today was just an amazing wake-up call to all of us. A smile is contagious and human interaction is critical. Here is the rub, when we are together we smile, we laugh and we grow! So why then do we accept video conferences join on, log in and shut our videos off? The only real excuse that I can understand is that you don’t have a camera on your computer (does that even exist anymore?). I MISS YOUR FACE! Even more importantly the value of a smile is so great, it tells a story, so do other expressions and we need to tell these stories.

Here is my pledge and challenge, if you cant be there is person, allow your camera to capture you and allow yourself to see others. Not only is it not a scary thing it is a needed thing.

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  1. Love this message .
    Only benefit of no camera is you can be in bed in your pjs and no one knows


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