Its Not The What, it is the Why

Its Not The What, it is the Why

My job is to provide solutions, to tell a story, to connect someone to the story and make them a champion for your story and share your message. I do this with branded promotional merchandise (the WHAT); however, the critical message is the WHY that got us to the WHAT.

The concept seems pretty simple, however how many of us really execute the Why and instead, focus on the What? For 30 years I have been in the promotional space specializing in branded merchandise, and for the last 16 years with Axis Promotions. I am surrounded by promotional items every day. Over the last 20+ years, I have realized and now share with my clients and partners that it is not important what you give out for a campaign, but WHYyou are using that item. It is not the hat or the mug or the shirt, it is the vehicle to convey a story.

I am not a fan of talking about merchandise, product or an item when I introduce my ‘elevator speech’. I am a story teller and that is my passion. Once we are ready to tell the story and chose the vehicle, it is important that you know Why are you using that? We want the recipient to know Why did they get that? They should be able to tell what is the Story(not what is the gift); the best executed project is when the branded item tells the story all by itself. A lot of time and money is spent on communications of a brand across all mediums; if it can tell WHY it lives and the recipient becomes your brand or stories champion. Now that’s a great reward!

If you are reading this and scratching your head thinking “What did Larry just say? Why

did Larry just write this?” let me know – I have a story for you!

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So, I am becoming a blogger!!?? (or) Am I becoming a blogger??!!

This is all new to me so stick by me and stick around – I have learned that I live my work life the same way that I live my ‘life’. My direction and principals are the same.

So with that said here are some of the random ideas I plan on rambling about:

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Wow- I have much more to say than I ever thought…..