So, I am becoming a blogger!!?? (or) Am I becoming a blogger??!!

This is all new to me so stick by me and stick around – I have learned that I live my work life the same way that I live my ‘life’. My direction and principals are the same.

So with that said here are some of the random ideas I plan on rambling about:

Be ready for the worst case scenario – because it is not happening

Who do our clients think we are

Why do I do charity work – why should anyone?

Does it have to be said and if yes NOW?

The Grateful Dead, Flogging Molly, Harry Nilsson, and other Lyrics

What did I write on my yoga mat and why?

Say you are sorry (oh and mean it)

The power of being wrong

How we get what we give

Characteristics to hire by

When you are stuck

The Practice of Yoga


I HATE the title Boss / I love Team Lead

Do you do an inventory?

Asking for help

What does STDR stand for?

Prepare for No’s and push-back

Wow- I have much more to say than I ever thought…..


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