Positivity in Isolation

While we are all figuring out the new normal, I thought I would share some positivity and ways that my clients and partners are staying positive through the day:


Your smiles are contiguous

Take a break from working and take a walk or workout. FaceTime with a friend or family member that you can’t see in person right now. Listen to music that gives off the same mood you want to be in. Look through old pictures during a happy time in your life. We’ll get through this!

Keep the windows open as much as possible – fresh air makes all the difference!

I’m healthy and employed! I’m home to cook dinner every night.
My kids are living a simpler /80s childhood…riding bikes, playing outside, sleeping in a fort they made. No scheduled activities is a breath of fresh air.

Create a new morning routine, I started a 30 day yoga challenge

No commute means extra time to learn something new! I decided to try learning embroidery!

Commute time is now home gym workout time!

Getting up each morning and doing a work out keeps me from going crazy! Makes me forget about what’s going on in the world just for an hour

No more getting up at 4am to hit my spin class. I can work out on my lunch break.

I get to spend time with my 15 1/2 year old Yellow Lab. Granted she’s sleeping most of the day, but comforting for us both that we can spend this time together. 🙂

Through my home office window, got to see a family of 4 deer hang out in my back yard woods ALL DAY. Experiencing some moments of the beauty of nature on a work day… priceless.

Adopting a puppy! You’ll never have time to be stressed about anything other than what he has in his mouth 🙂

Do at least 1 thing from your childhood per day – drawing with chalk.

Getting some extra zzz’s in and afternoon walks when it’s sunny with my daughter!

Trying to keep a schedule helps get through the day; make sure you take breaks and stretch so you aren’t sitting at home all day in front of your computer; find something to laugh about or smile about during the day to relieve stress

I lost 4-5 pounds because I eat more at home and control what I eat better! Yippee for me!

Our pets have never been happier!!

I’m not rushing home at the end of the day to get the kids fed and to bed. Our weekends are more relaxing without having to run around doing errands or going to swim lessons etc.

Families are spending time with each other, instead of going separate ways to events, gatherings, etc.

Best Practice and Acceptance

We have all received hundreds of important email responses from our communities and business partners about how they are addressing the New Normal – they are all good (some better than others) . Are we at a point that we are reading them all? Are we deleting more than we are reading? From NetFlix, UBER, PayPal, Amazon, the local city you live in, your gym, virtual yoga classes almost any business or APP you have registered for. I love that the world is responding and I do not discount a single email. My message is simple and one we are trying to observe in my house:



Care for others






Listening (and hearing)



Unexpected challenges

Others fears and obstacles

Your own fears and challenges

We are all doing this together. It is a new reality for all of us a temporary New Normal, that is changing rapidly.  What we thought we could do (last week, yesterday, an hour ago) may not be the same in an hour.  We are doing everything we can to mitigate the challenges that are put on us all worldwide.

Keep up the good fight and please send me your ideas on positivity, we all need it!

The Grass is Always Greener – is a bad way to live!

The Golden Calf, A Trojan Horse, The Grass is Always Greener….

None of these are good ways to lead your life. We control how green the grass or the value of the gift horse. If you simply covet what you don’t have and think that it is always better on the sunny side of the street, than you will live in shadows.

Make your sunshine and always be ready to make it brighter.

Remember that what you currently have may be perfect and you may destroy it by not appreciating what you have.

Somewhere between beginner and expert…..

Are you an expert or a beginner, or more importantly which do you want to be?

How about striving to be an Expert Beginner or a Beginning Expert? If you are an Expert you may be also communicating that you know it all and that there is no room to learn more. To me that is too limiting, things change and experts have to adapt and change.

No matter how good we are at anything – we can still get better, or more importantly, we must still be willing to accept changes and be willing to get better.

A true expert is always getting more expertise!

Measure twice, cut once? Or the other way around?

In full transparency I used to be a 100% Cut First guy, go on my gut instinct, “it will always work out”, I would tell myself. Well truth be told, I was lucky, it did not always work out but it often did and when it did not, it was not catastrophic. But what if it was? How much time and energy was lost re-doing things? I won’t know the answers.

The good news is that I have changed, not a 100% change but I have changed. I usually wait for my second gut instinct before reacting. Or in other words I at least measure once and then cut, rather than cut first.

It is a process that I use everywhere, If you are a cut first person try it!

Maybe one day I can report back that I am measuring twice! That would be nice.

As my friend Mike told me the other day, “you have two ears and one mouth, you should listen twice as hard”.

There is so much going on and without clear communication, there is nothing going on.

So, I read this the other day …Communication leads to community—that is, to understanding, intimacy, and mutual valuing.

It really spoke to me as a father, a husband, a brother, a son, a friend, a colleague, a boss. So basically as a member of society. It is one of the most simple things that I have read lately that can truly change how we connect and interact.

There is so much going on in our daily lives that sometimes we forget to communicate to others around us and build a wall instead of a bridge and a connection.

The Practice of Yoga

I really like doing yoga, I’m not always as flexible in class or do I always have the best balance in class. – Other days it just clicks. On the days it clicks I feel great, but on the days I wobble I can get frustrated until I realize it is called the Practice of Yoga and not the Perfection of Yoga.

Take a moment to think about practice vs. perfection for a bit. I can reach my goals 100% of the time of practicing something. I am not sure that I can reach my goals of perfection 100% of the time .

Given the ultimate choice, I would rather practice working towards perfection, and keep practicing. If I expect to meet perfection, I think that I will find disappointment before perfection. Practicing will not end in dissapointment

If we accept that every day we are practicing to make each day better and we will collectively reach our goals.

What does it mean to me to “Live with No Regrets”?

So, it is the start of a new year, a time when many reflect, many make resolutions, many want to start ‘A New’. There are also many who live for the day and want to live with no regrets. I love the idea, however, I am also cautious of it.

Sure I want to do make the most out of every opportunity and experience as much as I can. However, I also want to make sure that I am doing all I can do and making sure that I am not doing it at the expense of others. It is a balancing game, and we play the game at home, work and in all other parts of our lives. We live in this great big world and we survive in our little communities. In my community, my living with no regrets is to live without injuring others.

Sometime this means we have to give up an experience we want so we can take care of others. It is simple just do the right thing. You will get your rewards in the end.

Going in to the new year lets all try to live with no regrets – and acknowledge the strength it provides to you and your little community.

Think like a Meteorologist

Always look forward 

Always be ready for the big storm

Help others prepare 

Be ready when it happens

Be safe

Be thankful when it does not happen

Be even more thankful and appreciative that you saw it potentially coming and were prepared had it hit.

Repeat the routine

Dreams and Dedication are a POWERFUL COMBINATION #orangeribbonsforjamie

giving credit where credit is due https://orangeribbonsforjaime.org/

What does this title mean to you and how will you make a difference in 2020. The difference can be made at home with your family, in the community you live in, at your job or of course in the community we all live in. I have always felt that passion and accountability were cornerstones of a successful life in all my communities until I heard the words above in a Ted Talk given by my friend Fred Guttenberg. Fred should never have had to given this talk, and I never should have had to hear the words above. But he did and I did. Fred’s daughter Jamie should never have been a victim in Parkland, Florida, she was.

I know Fred dreams that this never happened. It did. Now Fred Dreams differently. He is Dedicated to this not happening again to anyone. This is his POWERFUL COMBINATION, and we should thank him for it.

What is your POWERFUL COMBINATION? How are you expressing it. We all need to have one (even more than one). Where are you going to make a difference? Big, small, global or local it is up to each of us to do something. I struggle when I hear people say “well, there is nothing that can be done…” This is an attitude we can all do better at changing.

We all have the strength to change and to dream, the question is are you willing to have the dedication to do the work?

#orangeribbonsforjamie https://orangeribbonsforjaime.org/ https://orangeribbonsforjaime.org/donate/

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