The Worst Two Words Ever Said ???

Or at least the worst words that could be said in my house growing up – what are they?


Now saying that would get me in trouble – I was told it was censorship and stifles people’s ideas.  I think my Dad was right.  It is mean, and the spirit of saying “shut up” verbally or non- verbally does not allow thoughts to flow.

There is a general accepted level of respect we all owe each other and when we close ourselves off to other’s thoughts and ideas, we shut off that respect.  This does not mean that all ideas are good for all people or that I need to respect everyone.  However, if I do not listen, then I can not make a judgement for myself.

This flows beyond the kitchen table (as it was when I grew up) and beyond the conference room.  It should travel with you everywhere you go.

Allow ideas to flow, allow people to say them, allow yourself to hear them and then make your own decision about the thought or idea. 

There is no growth if we do not allow people to talk and express themselves.

Hey – wanna hear the words that I was allowed to say at the kitchen table???

#shutup #nevershutup #shareideas